Hi! I’m Dan!

I am an educator, coach, facilitator and writer with extensive background in education, business leadership and coach training.

All of my work is ontologically based whether working with coaches, organizational leaders or individuals. My particular area of interest is emotions and am the co-author of a new book called “The Unopened Gift – A Primer in Emotional Literacy” which will be available April 15th.

Some of my programs include workshops and online courses on Emotions, Coaching and Emotions, Ontological Leadership and Aviation Safety from an Ontological Perspective.

Barcelona is home for me now although I was born in the U.S. and have lived in Africa, the Middle East and other parts of Europe.

What people are saying

The “Coaching to Emotions” workshop was an incredible week of learning and growth. The setting was beautiful and the rhythm of the course was perfect. Prior to the workshop, I was hesitant to bring up “emotions” with the leaders that I coach – after all, many of them are in a “check your emotions at the door” corporate culture. However, Dan has somehow made the territory of “emotions” a less scary place to lead my clients. I left the workshop with greater confidence and tools and strategies that I was able to apply right away.  I’m continuously blown away by the powerful shifts that my clients experience when noticing, naming and understanding the story connected to their emotions.

Jill Meaux

MS, CPLP, ACC Excelerant

Dan’s leadership and insightful facilitation approach through this powerful workshop opens the door to those emotions as a powerful leadership resource helping all leaders begin to uncover those hidden emotions in a safe, strategic manner that every leader can benefit from.

Nicoa Dunne

Dan creates immense value–far beyond the reach of one’s own imagination. The emotions workshop was an amazing opportunity for learning and growth, personally and professionally.  Dan is an incredible coach and teacher, and it was truly an honor to participate in the program.

Elisa Canova

Dan’s workshop has opened up a whole new dimension of coaching to me. Emotions mostly get a bad rap in our culture. They’re considered wild and unpredictable, the antithesis of logic, and certainly not welcome at work. Dan teaches an entirely different perspective.  Learning to distinguish between the many  emotions I and my clients experience and the human concerns they address allows an entirely different point of navigation through life. This was mostly invisible to me. By distinguishing the human concern that different emotions address I’m able to hear the message they carry and the actions they predispose me and my clients to. Rather than being something that gets in the way of sound decision making I’ve learned how paying attention and honoring emotions can guide you and your clients to better decisions, deeper insights and deeper satisfaction in life. One of my best learning experiences!  Oh, and did I mention Dan Newby is a kind, funny and inspiring coach/teacher? He is.

Colin Reed


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