Do emotions make you uncomfortable? Do you sometimes wish they would just go away? Would you like to live with more ease and understanding of what you are feeling?

The Unopened Gift will forever change your relationship with emotions.

Emotional Literacy is a term coined by the authors to describe a level of emotional understanding where they are part of our everyday common sense. In an emotionally literate world we would no longer see emotions as awkward or scary but as a tool each of us possess to help navigate life. This book puts readers on a path that will result in a new understanding of emotions, their purpose and their role in living a life full of choice.

The Unopened Gift reveals what we have not yet understood about emotions. That emotions aren’t in competition with reason but are an essential part of thinking; that they are constantly giving us information about the world around us; that each exists for a specific purpose and takes care of a particular aspect of life; that life without emotions would be like art without color.
You have already received the gift, now you only need open it.

About the Authors

Lucy Núñez and Dan Newby are coaches, coach trainers, and facilitators. Both are keenly interested in how humans learn and experience emotions and their role in culture, organizations and individual lives. Originally from Venezuela and the U.S. they are married and live in Barcelona, Spain.


Dan Newby and Lucy Núñez are the preeminent thought leaders in the domain of emotions. Their knowledge of and appreciation for the impact and value of emotions to shape our lives is conveyed in easy to understand ways in this book. As a coach, I use the distinctions they provide regularly to help clients expand their emotional range and develop new practices that lead to a more satisfying life. The Unopened Gift is an inspiring and indispensable guide for anyone seeking to more intentionally capture the power that lives in the emotional realm.

Kim Ebinger

Ontological Coach, U.S.

Dan Newby and Lucy Núñez have written one of the most useful books on emotions that I have ever read. The authors take us on a journey of interpretation (not claiming to know the truth about emotions which alone is refreshing) of emotions from the theoretical to the practical. They present a cogent interpretation for what emotions are, but more importantly for me, how to understand emotions, work with emotions and learn from emotions. This book contains the most comprehensive catalogue of emotions and how we can understand them better, that I have ever come across. A most valuable resource for helping professionals, business leaders, and family members who want to be more connected to themselves, and those that they lead and care about.

-Curtis Watkins
Master Certified Coach, U.S.

Dan and Lucy, with this book, masterfully unveil our blindness around emotions. The book provides a powerful, actionable reconstruction of what emotions mean and how to distinguish between different emotions. I have seen no other book on emotions, like this one. It clarifies the source of our emotions, and invites us to take responsibility for our emotions, and hence our results. It is a must read for leaders and managers who are emotionally illiterate.

-Sameer Dua
Founder and Director, Institute for Generative Leadership, India.

This book takes to the next level what Daniel Goleman started with EQ. The thirst for working with emotions is increasing everywhere we look. A must read for leaders, coaches and anybody who wants to tap into emotions as fuel for action. Dan’s passion of bringing ontological work into the world with his loving care for people and organizations is outstanding. I am grateful to have met him as a teacher, friend and business partner.

-Mirko Kobiéla
Senior Director Talent Management at Adidas Group and Founder of Luminize – International Coaching and Consulting – Germany.


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